Ontario Mercedes Diesel Hits Million Kilometre

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1 million km mercedes

Robert Miles has done a lot of what his last name suggests in his Mercedes-Benz car, that is driving a lot of miles. The Port Dover man was honoured last week at the Mercedes-Benz Oakville Autohaus dealership where he has regularly received service for the car that he drove for 1 million kilometres.

At a recognition ceremony, Miles was presented with the car’s “birth certificate” (a certificate by a technician at the Stuttgart, Germany facility from when the car was built in 1990). He was also given a 1,000,000 km certificate, a 1,000,000 km pin for his lapel and one for his car’s grill.

“I will also hand over the 1 million — it’s not a $1 million cheque, that would be nice, too, but we’re a humble company — certificate that Mr. Miles and his car did together a million kilometres,” joked Marcus Breitschwerdt, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada, when handing over the certificate.

He commended Miles and the staff at the dealership for keeping the car in such fine order for the past 20 years. He commended the driver, saying that every 1,000 kilometres driven, a person is put in some sort of critical situation.

“A million is a thousand times a thousand, so at least a thousand critical situations crossed the path of Mr. Miles and he and the car, together, mastered it well.”

Miles bought the 300D model car brand new in 1990 at a different dealership. When he moved a few years later, the Oakville dealership became the most convenient location for him to continue getting service, where he has done just that for many years.

Because the insurance salesman, now retired, had a large client area to cover, he needed a diesel model car, which the 300D sedan is, to allow him to go that little further on a single tank of gas. He had about 2,500 clients in an area that ranged from Windsor to the west and Kingston to the south and as far north as North Bay and everywhere in between.

“I needed a car that was safe and I needed a car that would go a long distance on a tank of fuel. The diesel was the most appropriate vehicle for me,” he said of choosing the car model.

He also had some tips for keeping his car running so well for so long and it was a piece of advice he received from the Oakville technician, Peter Hagens, who has serviced the car for these years.

“He said your car is going to last a long time if you continually change the oil and filter in your car. It’s a simple little process,” he said.

And that’s what he has done. Furthermore, he has taken the advice of the technicians when they told him his car needed particular service. He also kept good care of it also while on the road, particularly keeping his speed levels lower.

Now that he’s retired he no longer travels 5,000 km per month. He also has no current plans to replace the trusty automobile.


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